is located at 200 W. 9th Ave. in North Kansas CIty, Missouri

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Wes Edwin

Wes Edwin Design was inspired in 2011, in the heart of the Edwin household. While working on a degree in accounting, Wes learned the skill of cabinetmaking as a laborer in a premier cabinetry shop. However, as he began his career in accounting, the call to build and create grew ever stronger the further removed from the trade he became.

Wes and Diana needed a kitchen renovation- a solution that was both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Using his love of cabinet making, Wes applied his skill and passion to the design and creation of the cabinets and furniture that would sustain his own home in North Kansas City, MO.

While perfecting his craft within the confines of their 1500 square foot home, Wes developed a keen eye for maximizing function and creating more efficient space. It was then that Wes recognized his calling as a designer of spaces and maker of quality products.

Today, Wes Edwin Design enhances homes of all sizes and shapes by applying the Edwin's practical approach and passion for beauty. Each piece is designed to meet the unique needs of your family, and created with the same care and attention that is applied to the Edwin's own home.

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Married to Wes since 2006, Diana Edwin has been a part of Wes Edwin Design from its beginning stages. In 2017 Diana made the decision to step away from her ten- year teaching career in elementary music to devote her full attention to the continued development of the family business.

In the offices of Wes Edwin Design, Diana manages our online presence through our website and social media, communications with clients, and heads all operations for our community workspace: The Welcome Tree.


Jay Gilworth

Jay has been a vital part of Wes Edwin Design since 2016. From the beginning, Jay’s faith in us and dedication to the growth of our business has been unparalleled. As a general contractor, Jay offers important insights into the form and function of our work and the spaces into which they go. As a businessman, Jay is one third of the brain-trust which embodies Wes Edwin Design. Additionally, Jay supervises our shop operations and is a member of our installation team.

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Erica Kay Thowe has built one of Kansas City’s most distinguished remodeling and interior design firms,and Wes Edwin Design is delighted to have her on our design team. Combining sophisticated style with solid business practices, Erica’s experience and certification provide sharp attention to detail and specialties in residential remodels and design.

Known for timeless interiors, Erica’s work always reflects her client’s overall vision. Whether designing a traditional or contemporary space, her simple approach and well-trained eye result in a warm elegance that is unmistakable.