Wes Edwin




Wes Edwin Design was inspired in 2011, in the heart of the Edwin household.


Wes and Diana needed a kitchen renovation- a solution that was both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Using his love of cabinet making, Wes applied his skill and passion to the design and creation of the cabinets and furniture that would sustain his own home in North Kansas City, MO.


While perfecting his craft within the confines of their 1500 square foot home, Wes developed a keen eye for maximizing function and creating more efficient space. His products not only sustained function of everyday life, but also enriched the family's lifestyle through the tactile pleasure of handmade pieces crafted from natural wood elements. 


Today, Wes Edwin Design enhanced homes of all sizes and shapes by applying the Edwin's practical approach and passion for beauty. Each piece is designed to meet the unique needs of your family, and created with the same care and attention that is applied to the Edwin's own home.



Over the last fifteen years Wes and Diana Edwin have grown together, encouraging one another to pursue passion and excellence. They are a team in all aspects of life.